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At Blanc Staffing Agency we endeavor to help you fulfill the gaps in your healthcare facility and make sure that high-quality care is available for your patients whenever they need it.

Trust our staffing solutions, resources, and expertise in staffing to get you the healthcare professional who can add value to your healthcare system.

Among the services our healthcare professionals can provide include but are not limited to the following:

CPR & First Aid
Our healthcare professionals are qualified and certified to provide first and immediate assistance to any patient suffering from life-threatening illnesses.
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Our healthcare professionals provide noninvasive emergency procedures to ensure the immediate survival of a patient. This may include hemorrhage control, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, fracture stabilization, among others.
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Our Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals are certified by the American Heart Association to provide advanced lifesaving basic life support skills to prevent cardiac arrests in hospital settings. This service goes beyond the skillset and protocols required of Basic Life Support (BLS).
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Aimed at infants until children eight years old, our healthcare professionals are equipped to respond and handle emergencies relating to shock, cardiopulmonary arrest, and respiratory emergencies among the age group.
Patient Experience
Our healthcare professionals are trained to make sure that patients are provided with aspects of the delivery of healthcare services that they put high value in such as accessible information, approachability and open communication, timely check-ups, among others.
Quality Measures in Healthcare
Our healthcare professionals advocate and create an environment where the best practices and quality measures in the field are kept as the standard of care. Quality measures include optimal resource utilization, fact-based information, among others.
Value-Based Purchasing
Our healthcare professionals use Value-Based Purchasing or VBP as the healthcare payment reform method of preference to ensure that the focus of the entire healthcare system focuses on paying providers for value and quality, and not just volume.
Bedside Rounding
Our healthcare professionals practice effective bedside rounding services by making sure to work with a multidisciplinary approach. Such an approach includes the expertise of the core medical team, pharmacist, and primary nurse, as well as other healthcare professionals enlisted as necessary.

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